Miniature Chair DSW, Vitra

Miniature Vitra Chair

Design by Charles and Ray Eames 

Miniature Chair DSW, Vitra

Miniature Vitra Chair

Design by Charles and Ray Eames 


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The DSW Miniature Chair is a collectible piece and a rare example of a satisfying synthesis of formal and technical innovation.

For this piece, Charles and Ray Eames used the suppleness of plastic to develop a comfortable seat that matches the shape of the human body.

The idea of ​​making a three-dimensional molded shell dates back to a 1940s project. However, due to the extreme conditions needed to mold the material this idea was not successful. However, with the advent of fiberglass technology, it was possible to achieve satisfactory results.

The first fiberglass chair went into production in 1950. After years of experimentation, Charles and Ray Eames were able to achieve their goal: an industrially produced chair that is cheap, strong and comfortable.

For ecological reasons, however, fiberglass was questionable. Thanks to recent advances in technology and materials, DSW can be produced today in exactly the same shape, but made from polypropylene.

Vitra is an 80-year-old family business brand that believes in long-lasting relationships with customers, employees, designers, durable products, sustainable growth and the promotion of good design.

Vitra's classic objects are authentic innovative designs from the 20th century that remain very current in today's times. Creating innovative products and concepts with great designers is the essence of Vitra.


Data sheet

Plastic shell, wooden/wire base
1:6 ; 8,3 x 13,5 x 7,8 cm
Charles e Ray Eames

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