Miniature Chair Antony, Vitra

Miniature chair from Vitra

Design by Jean Prouvé

Miniature Chair Antony, Vitra

Miniature chair from Vitra

Design by Jean Prouvé


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The ‘Anthony’ chair in miniature distinguished by its innovative shapes and metalworking techniques. 

A piece that, due to its miniature size and design, can be considered as a collectible furniture chair.

Prouvé is an architect, engineer and designer who played an influential role in developing a construction method for architecture based on lightweight prefabricated sections, among other things, drawing on his knowledge of aircraft and automobile construction.

In 1947, he set up his own company Ateliers Jean Prouvé, which not only produced these lightweight elements, but also his own furniture designs with innovative ways.

In collaboration with Charlotte Perriand, he produced an exemplary series of furniture for the recreation area, the cafeterias and a series of bedrooms in the student residence. The series included the chair shown here, of which Prouvé had designed a similar version for the University of Strasbourg as early as 1950.

For more than two decades, the Vitra Design Museum has produced miniature replicas of design furniture that made history and the collection of industrial furniture design. The chairs are faithful replicas with precise details.

Vitra is an 80-year-old family business brand that believes in lasting relationships with customers, employees, designers, durable products, sustainable growth and the promotion of good design. Vitra's classic objects are authentic 20th century innovative designs that remain very current today. 


Data sheet

Folded plywood, lacquered steel tube and steel plate
1:6 - 11,5 x 14,5 x 8,5 cm
Natural wood
Antony Prouvé

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