Matt Mullican Angel & Demon Recycled Bag, LOQI

Showcase your "ANGEL" side and your "DEVIL" side

Matt Mullican Angel & Demon Recycled Bag, LOQI

Showcase your "ANGEL" side and your "DEVIL" side


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Signs and symbols produce meaning in a world saturated with images. Logolike notations invoke familiar images we see from international airports to highway insignia.

This versatile bag can be used in two ways - on one side, it reveals the word "ANGEL" and "DEMON" on the other

A LOQI bag is designed to adapt to your lifestyle. Perfect for grocery shopping, going to the gym, taking the baby on an outing or traveling.

Made from 100% recycled taffeta with GREEN CIRCLE® and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification.

This accessory is eco-friendly, containing no plastics whatsoever. It is resistant and can carry up to 20 kg. The material it is made from also makes it water-resistant. 

Matt Mullican is considered a member of the “Pictures Generation”, having studied at CalArts in Los Angeles. He rose to fame in the early 1980s alongside his contemporaries Cindy Sherman, David Salle and Robert Longo. Matt has exhibited at the MoMA New York, Tate Modern London, Stedelijk Museum and Centre Pompidou.

LOQI is a brand that collaborates with artists from all over the world to bring you a wide range of the most original bags possible. Not only is it a brand that is committed to quality assurance, affordable prices and eco-friendly bags, but it also aspires for the bags to cater to people from all different ends of the spectrum.


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