Miniature Chair Heart-Shaped Cone, Vitra

Miniature Vitra Chair

Design by Verner Panton 

Miniature Chair Heart-Shaped Cone, Vitra

Miniature Vitra Chair

Design by Verner Panton 


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The miniature cone chair is distinguished by its heart shape and vibrant red.

This chair embodies the transformation that took place in Scandinavian design in the late 1950s. The purist furniture of classical modernism was accompanied by sculptural forms inspired by new technologies.

A piece that, due to its miniature size and design, can be seen as a collectible furniture chair, which refers to the 'Pop Art' artistic movement of the sixties.

In the 30s and 40s, Scandinavian design followed the principles of functionalism: simple structures, clean lines, a light visual appearance. The desire for austerity of form was combined with a preference for wood as a natural material.

It wasn't until the 1950s that young designers like Verner Panton began to use the formal possibilities created by innovative technologies to free furniture from the constraints of tradition.

Verner Panton wrote of his works: “I try to forget about existing examples, even if they are well done, and find my own way to come to terms with the materials. The result rarely has four legs, not because I don't want to make a chair, but because working with new materials like wire mesh and polyester requires new forms.”

Vitra is an 80-year-old family business brand that believes in lasting relationships with customers, employees, designers, durable products, sustainable growth and the promotion of good design.

Vitra's classic objects are authentic innovative designs from the 20th century that remain very current today. Creating innovative products and concepts with great designers is the essence of Vitra. 


Data sheet

Steel and Red Fabric
1:6; 1,23 x 13,1 x 14 cm
Verner Panton

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