Led Sign Cat, Ginga

Adorable cat-shaped LED light

Led Sign Cat, Ginga

Adorable cat-shaped LED light


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This cat-shaped light is ready to guard your room and cheer you up during the long nights. 

With its simple and cute shape, this Cat LED will play the role of a new friend always by your side.

You can light your LED in two different ways: Using 3 AA batteries*; Using the USB cable.

Plug the cable into a wall socket adapter or the USB port of a computer.

You can hang your LED light wherever you like.

Ginga is a brand launched in 2022, inspired by the philosophy of capoeira, especially Ginga. Its products seek to balance lightness and professionalism, incorporating joy into everyday life. It invites customers to embrace values such as trust and respect, promoting a unique and joyful lifestyle.


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30 x 21 cm

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