Smart Galaxy Lamp, Gingko

The magic and beauty of the galaxy in your home

Smart Galaxy Lamp, Gingko

The magic and beauty of the galaxy in your home


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Star sphere table lamp.

Imagine a globe that captures the beauty of the stars and galaxies, floating and spinning gently in your home or office, radiating an ethereal and soothing glow.

Enjoying the stars and the Milky Way in the night sky is a rare experience due to light pollution in cities. The Galaxy Smart Lamp gives you the opportunity to enjoy this inspiring beauty from the comfort of your bedroom, creating a stellar atmosphere by dimming the lights.

This lamp features a textured surface that rotates slowly on its black wooden base. Powerful built-in magnets gently suspend and rotate the sphere in the air, creating a dazzling sight.

Made from biodegradable PLA material and reclaimed wood, this eco-friendly lamp is the ideal bedside complement for those seeking proximity to nature from the comfort of home. If you're looking for a truly extraordinary light that will impress everyone, the Galaxy Smart lamp by Gingko Design is the perfect choice for your space.

Product material: walnut, white and black ash wood base with 3D PLA printed galaxy

Size of wooden base: 120x120x30 mm

Ball diameter: 140 mm

Moonlight color temperature: 2700k-5000k depending on the light mode; warm white (3500k), white (5000k) and warm yellow (2700k)

Product weight: 800g

Power input: AC/DC adapter 12V- 1A (included)

LED power: 1.5 watts only

Ginkgo Design is a brand created by Paul and Natalie Sun in 2011. Design-oriented and functional, Ginkgo's products stand out for combining elegance and practicality in a seamless and sustainable way for any space in your home.


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13 x 13 x 18 cm

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