Set 3 Soaps Magical Holidays, Castelbel

Three times Christmas scent

Set 3 Soaps Magical Holidays, Castelbel

Three times Christmas scent


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Set of 3 Christmas scented soaps, 120g each.

Infused with the nostalgic and delightful scent of Gingerbread, these soaps elevate any skincare routine. They can also be used as festive decorations!

Inspired by classic wooden toys, this soap set on a string is like a puzzle, with each side featuring an iconic figure from the most festive time of year.

Mix and match to create charming Christmas characters!

An original gift to give to a family member or friend to make their holiday season even sweeter.

Contains 3 soaps, each weighing 120g.

Founded in 1999, Castelbel is a Portuguese company specializing in the production of scented soaps, aromatic candles, room diffusers, hand creams, body lotions, soap dishes, and various other products in the personal hygiene, perfumery, and interior decoration fields. They are currently also dedicated to a range of solid shampoos and conditioners, practical and eco-friendly for both men and women, demonstrating a growing interest in environmental responsibility and contributing to a more sustainable and clean future.


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