Despertador Mensagem Click Clock, Gingko

Alarm clock with a discreet and modern LED panel.

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Despertador Mensagem Click Clock, Gingko

Alarm clock with a discreet and modern LED panel.

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An alarm clock that displays the time, date, and room temperature, with the unique feature of being able to write a personalized message on the screen!

Surprise your significant other, put a welcome message in your reception or entryway, or simply use it to advertise your store in the shop window. With a sound-activated display, your time and personal message can light up instantly or be displayed permanently, if you wish.

A simple yet appealing digital design with a personal touch, all in a block with a natural wood effect, makes this clock truly unique and special.

Display alternates between a personal message, time, date and temperature

Can lock the message display or time display only if you prefer this to the alternating display

Can programme and store 7 different messages

Maximum characters for each message are 255

12/24 hours and temperature format can be chosen

UK / EU / USA date formats can be selected.

Five different alarm settings with snooze feature and 5/7 days alarm setting available

Display automatically dims by half between 9pm and 7am

Power supply: DC 5V mains plug adapter (included and will be supplied with EU and American plugs for customers from those areas)

Internal back-up memory battery to keep all your custom settings in case of external power cut.

Product material: timber wood with beech wood-effect veneer

Ginkgo Design is a brand created by Paul and Natalie Sun in 2011. Oriented towards design and functionality, Ginkgo's products stand out for combining elegance and practicality in a continuous and sustainable way for any space in your home.


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L25cm x D4.5cm x H9cm