Miniature LCW Chair, Vitra

Miniature chair from Vitra

Design by Charles Eames e Eero Saarine

Miniature LCW Chair, Vitra

Miniature chair from Vitra

Design by Charles Eames e Eero Saarine


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The LCW Chair is a miniature-sized piece that stands out for its design, and can be considered as a collectible furniture chair. 

In 1940, Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen developed a chair with a new plywood seat molded into a three-dimensional shape for a contest sponsored by the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

However, it was not possible to produce the chair commercially, due to inadequate technical methods. It was rarely possible to press the plywood into a three-dimensional form without it being departed or left.

Over the next few years, Charles and Ray Eames focused their efforts on developing a new method. The DCW (Dining Chair Wood) and LCW (Lounge Chair Wood) plywood chairs are the result of this long trial. In 1945, Charles and Ray Eames returned to the idea of a seat shell made of molded plywood; however, the results were unsatisfactory. They dispensed with the multifunctional shell and divided the seat and backrest into separate, freely articulated elements, connected by a spine (structure).

Each element has a clearly defined function, which performs optimally with a minimum amount of material. Shock brackets - rubber discs glued to the wooden surface - connect the seat and back with the structure, which exists in wood or metal and at two different heights, such as a dining chair or sun lounger.

For more than two decades, Vitra design museum has produced miniature replicas of design furniture that have made history and the collection of industrial furniture design. The chairs are faithful replicas with precise details.


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Natural wood
Charles Eames e Eero Saarine

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