Tote Bag Reversible Treetop Walk, Serralves

Versatile Tote Bag Inside and Out.

Tote Bag Reversible Treetop Walk, Serralves

Versatile Tote Bag Inside and Out.


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The contemporary pattern is exclusive to the Treetop Walk collection.

The Reversible Treetop Walk Tote Bag is spacious, impeccably finished, reinforced handles, an attached internal pocket, and striking design both inside and out. 

Subtle white lines cover the surface of the tote bag, on one side in green, and on the other in yellow. The focal point is the corner-located leaves.

The Treetop Walk line marks the celebration of the fourth year of the trail in Parque de Serralves. All items in this collection were produced using reusable and recycled materials, promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.

In this collection, the graphic silhouettes of plants harmoniously overlap with the geometric lines of the protagonist: the architectural structure. The illustrations bring together elements related to Architecture, Contemporary Art, and Landscaping, colored by shades of wood, greens, browns from different seasons, and the blue of the sky.

Treetop Walk is a journey through the treetops of Parque de Serralves, designed by Architect Carlos Castanheira in collaboration with Architect Álvaro Siza. The attraction offers visitors a sensory walk among the treetops, with grandiose landscapes and an unusual perspective.


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