Sunglasses Fusion Blue, Okiatto Serralves by Shamir

Fusion Blue Sunglasses from the Okiatto Serralves by Shamir collection

Sunglasses Fusion Blue, Okiatto Serralves by Shamir

Fusion Blue Sunglasses from the Okiatto Serralves by Shamir collection


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Unisex model, with high-quality Shamir lenses (100% UVA/UVB protection), Italian acetate frame individually hand-finished by expert craftsmen.

Get ready to make a style statement that transcends eras with the Okiatto Serralves by Shamir collection.

The Fusion model is a fusion of style and functionality, perfect for lovers of fashion.

Every detail of this frame is a tribute to the beauty of handmade art, while incorporating contemporary design elements for a unique and striking experience. Made from Mazuquelli acetate, these sunglasses guarantee durability and a unique style, and feature a round eyepiece design that adds a touch of classic elegance to each model. 

The lenses are made with Shamir's renowned quality, with carefully selected colors and premium UVA and UVB protection to ensure eye safety. 

Each piece in the collection has been meticulously developed and created by artisans at the Okiatto frames atelier, located in Greater Porto. The collection represents the perfect fusion of traditional craftsmanship and sophistication. 

Comes with a storage pouch.

Shamir Portugal and the Serralves Foundation present the “Okiatto Serralves by Shamir” frames collection. Dedicated to the production of spectacle frames, the Okiatto by Shamir project creates frames using Italian acetates by experienced craftsmen. It is in this context that the “Okiatto Serralves by Shamir” collection emerges with the Fusion, Nature and Art models - a limited and numbered edition exclusive to the Serralves Store. 

“Okiatto by Shamir” was born in Porto in 2020 and, over the course of almost two years, the startup - which is located at Shamir's headquarters in Portugal - has focused on developing this project, which aims, among other things, to recover professions that are on the verge of extinction, such as the artisans who dedicate themselves to “handmade” art in Portugal.

Shamir Optical in Portugal is certified by the NP EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 13485 quality management system and by the EN ISO 14001 environmental management system. All the lenses produced in its laboratories meet the requirements of EU Regulation 2017/745, harmonized standards EN ISO 14889 and EN ISO 21987 and international standard ISO 8980. Tinting complies with European standard EN ISO 8980-3


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Italian acetate
Okiatto by Shamir

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