T-Shirt The Moon Program Black II, João Noutel

Limited Author Edition

Design by João Noutel 

T-Shirt The Moon Program Black II, João Noutel

Limited Author Edition

Design by João Noutel 


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The meaning of MOON: The only natural satellite of Earth and the fifth largest in the Solar System. But it also symbolizes the passage of time, the control of time.

The meaning of HAPPINESS: A lasting state of fulfillment and satisfaction. But it is difficult to define rigorously.

Why present a list of reasons for reflection on what expressions could merge the two concepts, for example in a Lunar Happiness? Why the infinite and utopian pursuit of its possibilities versus impossibilities?

The affirmation of the feasibility of a formal modular system of unique works or editions in limited series, both dedicated to celebrating the same narrative and metaphorical sense of the fragility of the concept or idea of permanent lunar happiness is a fiction. The knowledge of the habits and mechanics of a production process in different media, even if not prepared for recognition in a collector or investment logic, is however summoned here mainly for a purpose of perception and representation of a generally utopian ideal.

The complexity and strength of each material, of its own plastic language and therefore unique, are, through the limits of drawing, instruments of measuring a certain common denominator explored here as if it were a documentary imagetic testimony in which two central figures, one female and the other male, preserve a lunar space as a refuge from their routines, from their daily lives.

The visual experience of each work, whether in porcelain, fabric, carpet, tile, MDF, fiberglass, acrylic dibond, etc., happens for the senses not to ignore clues or even contradictory impulses about the difficulty of perfection, assuming themselves a function of watchmen of situations of beauty or ugliness, vulnerability or vitality, harmony or turbulence, reason and imagination, austerity and luxury.

THE MOON PROGRAM thus became an opportunity to explore and systematize in a more regular and intentional, and possibly more orderly and disciplined manner, a set of proposals for thinking about the dream.

João Noutel

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João Noutel

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