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The Park in Macro

Catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition "The Park in Macro” held at the Park’s Meadow Lane from July 06 to December 31. This publication allows us to admire the Park beyond what can be observed with the naked eye. Through macrophotography - which is able to capture the details, often invisible, of small objects or of small living beings - we are able to discover and enjoy a hidden, mysterious and fascinating world.

Authors: João Almeida, Joana Mexia de Almeida, Rubim de Almeida, Paulo Alves, José Manuel Grosso-Silva, Helena Hespanhol, Joana Marques, Ana Oliveira, Raquel Ribeiro, Sofia Viegas, Cristiana Vieira
Language: Portuguese and English
Nº de páginas: 72
Pages: 114 cor
ISBN: 978-972-739-306-0

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