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Serralves Park – a living landscape

Catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition "Serralves Park – a living landscape” held at the Park’s Sweet gum tree Avenue from May 24 to November 03. This publication celebrates the extraordinary creation that is the Serralves Park, presents its history and evolution over time, extols its creators, owners and conservators, shows its multiplicity and diversity of spaces, environments and uses, reveals its fauna and flora. A complex, vibrant and exciting spatial unit. A singular landscape, a living landscape!

Authors: João Almeida, Joana Mexia de Almeida, Rubim de Almeida, Paulo Alves, José Manuel Grosso-Silva, Helena Hespanhol, Joana Marques, Ana Oliveira, Raquel Ribeiro, Sofia Viegas, Cristiana Vieira
Language: Portuguese and English
Pages: 72
Colors: 114
ISBN: 978-972-739-306-0

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