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Cildo Meireles

For nearly fifty years, Cildo Meireles (Rio de Janeiro, 1948) has produced work that both seduces and compels the viewer of objects and the spectator of events into an active participation. At a time of increasing awareness of the dominant role of economic and ideological circuits, his art has never been more relevant.
This book celebrates the work of Cildo Meireles on the occasion of an ambitious survey exhibition (1967−2013) at the Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Serralves, organized in collaboration with the Museo National Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, and HangarBicocca, Milan. Large-scale installations and environments constitute a major focus of the exhibition and this publication, which includes writings and statements by Mereiles, and essays by João Fernandes, Sérgio B. Martins and Guilherme Wisnik that reflect upon abiding themes in the artist's work such as territory, value, processes of exchange and relationships of power.

Assays: John Fernandes, Sérgio B. Martins, Guilherme Wisnik
Publishers: Serralves Foundation & Cosac Naify (Sao Paulo)
Pages: 256
Illustrations: 268 color
Dimensions: 205 x 260mm
Date of publication: December 2013
Languages​​: Portuguese and English



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