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25 Works from the Serralves Collection

25 Works from the Serralves Collection is the first of a new series of publications devoted to the Serralves Collection. The series is intended as a guide to some of its singular works and to offer renewed focus on the history of contemporary art in Portugal since the 1960s that are still little known to a broader public.
Many of the artists whose works are reproduced and discussed are considered foundational to the Collection and as offering points of reference within the history of contemporary art in Portugal and abroad. A significant number of works have a direct relationship to the history of exhibitions at Serralves with several having been made in response to the unique context of the Museum, the Villa and its gardens. The selection draws attention to experimental approaches to media, as both specific and trans-disciplinary, and to conceptual and formal themes that express the preoccupations and attitudes of some of our most important contemporary artists since the 1960s to the present day.

Suzanne Cotter, Excerpts from the Foreword

Works by Helena Almeida, Leonor Antunes, Mirosław Bałka e Luc Tuymans, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Alberto Carneiro, Lourdes Castro, Tacita Dean, Urs Fischer, João Maria Gusmão & Pedro Paiva, Ana Jotta, Anthony McCall, Cildo Meireles, Mario Merz, Robert Morris, Lygia Pape, Amalia Pica, Dieter Roth, Julião Sarmento, Thomas Schütte, Nedko Solakov, Ângelo de Sousa, Simon Starling, Ana Vieira, Dahn Võ, Akram Zaatari

Dimensions 240 x 271 mm
136 pp.
Editorial coordination: Catarina Rosendo
Texts: Ricardo Nicolau, João Ribas and Catarina Rosendo
Design: Maria João Macedo
ENG and POR editions
Published by Fundação de Serralves

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