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Pintura Redux - Desenvolvimentos na Última Década

This book draws up a provisional map of recent developments in painting. After a long period of " Death Foretold " , so often repeated , the painting today knows a strong expansion regressada relative oblivion that was voted on . The editor invites to a journey for the work of 45 artists ( gathered in categories that claim to provide simple criteria for organization) and the reading of a set of essays that reflect generally over the last decade the practice of painting . The statement - defining the current pictorial practices - that " any image is a possible painting" raises a question about the current nature of the medium , as well as on its productive ethics. To map the painting of the last years is a difficult if not impossible task , as the diversity of its methods , types , procedures and image . This complex web of relationships among the issues of spatial representation that puts the viewer in establishing dialogues with photography at the confluence of tradition - which is inherent as a method of producing images - and innovation that fits place today the painting ?

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