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Locus Solus - Impressões de Raymond Roussel
This publication accompanied the first major exhibition concerning the enormous influence of Raymond Roussel (1877─1933), not only in the field of literature, but also in the visual arts, avant-garde movements and the individual work of many artists, from the twentieth century to the present day. Numerous paintings, photographs, sculptures, readymades, installations and videos (by artists such as Salvador Dalí, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Rodney Graham, Cristina Iglesias, Francisco Tropa, amongst many others), in addition to books, documents, magazines and original manuscripts reconstitute the prodigious universe of the author of Impressions d’Afrique [Impressions of Africa] (1910) and Locus Solus (1914) ― one of the least known and most mysterious writers of the twentieth century. 
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