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Museumania - Museus de Hoje, Modelos de Ontem

This publication proposes an alignment and reading different " museum architectures " based on successive references examples , framed the theoretical point of view a selection of critical texts , released between 1967 and 2002. Introductory analysis covers primarily the second half twentieth century and focuses on the significant changes that occurred then in the museum 's central paradigm approach to new museums and contemporary art centers , is more recent , starting from one of the last models that benchmark century . Guggenheim Bilbao . , opened in 1997 is prentende in synthesis demonstrate how museological production of the last decade can not and should not be understood in a framework insituticionais and spatial models that precede and reference , allowing us to put the question, makes sense today , petition for new museological paradigms that close to contemporary art , or could this live , for their own condition , the critical intersection between these inherited models?

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